Saturday, May 25, 2013

Pinching Pennies and Making Memories.

We received news bout the building of our home. The plans which were slightly modified to my specifications ( I love when you can do that and get exactly what you've dreamed about) and good news is that it's not too far from our budget. Now comes the scary part - mortgage application. I'm gathering documents left and right and phoning in on Monday to speak with a local bank mortgage specialist to see what exactly is needed.  In the mean time I'm trying to control my spending and learn to live a bit leaner. This can be so difficult because I read all these lovely blogs with lovely homes seemingly to have it all together. But I think I'm looking at that wrong. The beauty is in having those things but acquiring them and putting a home together.

I believe we, as youngsters ( although not really that young, are we?) have a sense of self-entitlement. That we deserve everything now. Then I start to think about my parents, well really my grandparents. They worked hard all their life ( my papa up until nearly the day he passed away) and then were able to buy the things that they wanted. It took them years to gather these things for their homes. Their cars, furniture (lets face it, kids destroy all that. Seriously. Oh and dogs.) The more I think about long-term things the more I'm thinking back to when I was in my 20s, well I still am but early 20s. I wanted a new car and a career paying the big bucks, but retrospectively you think 30s is old and 40s is over the hill, at 50 you're ancient.

So until then I'll save for exactly what I'd want while pinching pennies and making memories. Also, I've come across a lovely blog, Inked in Colour.

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