Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Our New Home

Our new home is well on the way and my heart couldn't be more full. I am so thankful that it is almost half way complete and I am looking forward to many many happy years on our future little farm. I am often finding myself hesitant to post photos of my home for fear it will cause others to fall; by that I mean jealousy. I do not want to stir that inside someone else but I want to share what being faithful to the Lord has done for us. What saving has done and making smart decisions. Ryan and I both grew up in low-middle class family. His mother, a teacher, and his father a chef. My father is still self-employed and my mother worked full time too. Of course we had everything we needed and I would never consider us poor, although I remember my mother asking me often if we were. I always answered, no!

If i had been smarter I would have saved more in the beginning of our marriage. My, how much we would have put away and I was working then too. Well I still work now, home keeping is after all, a full-time job that I adore more than anything.

I am looking forward to many mornings on our wrap-around porch, taking in the view and drinking coffee with my wonderful husband, dogs laying, happily exhausted ( hopefully!) at our feet. Allowing me to bring more dogs in - my heart is set on adopting older and special needs dogs. I will have plenty of room.  My boy having fresh air and open skies to create little-boy adventures on with his cousins. My desire to fill this place with children and animals. 

Did I mention I'm saving up for a mini-van? Completely in cash. With watching our now small budget, yet being completely fulfilled with all that we need, I can do it!

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  1. It looks amazing. We're hoping to move next year (I'll tell you more in my next letter).



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