Sunday, December 8, 2013

After a nasty experience with an egg white, two weeks ago, the boy was recently tested for allergies. The results came back on Friday and they were startling! He's obviously allergic to egg whites ( hello full body rash, vomiting and upset tummy which is what started the entire test), corn, wheat, sesame seeds, peanuts, CHICKEN, soy, MILK, pet dander and strangely enough cockroaches. Chicken allergy? Thanks to Dr. Google, I've learned that these are all likely to be one of those "he'll grow out of it," things but nevertheless I was worried, and most people with egg allergies are often able to eat eggs in products - like baked goods, fried foods, etc. Since the issue is the level of "cooked" eggs are, in those things. That explains why he's able to eat chicken tenders with the breading removed with no issue, or at least was.

Thankfully since our results (Friday), I've become more calm about the entire thing. Sadly, for the boy he's had no milk, or his beloved puffs. He's been signing for them like crazy and thankfully I've found a replacement which I had shipped on a two day shipment ( thanks for Amazon Mom offering a three month trial!) and expect them early next week. The boy also loves chicken and I'm sad to see that go, for now.  I've had friends who have children with allergies and they've successfully grown out of them in about a years time. Thankfully, these allergies (aside from the egg whites) are mild. Our Pediatrician's office will be ringing me next week for an appointment with ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat & Allergist). Next week is also my brother's graduation from University. I'm hoping to have all resolved with our allergist soon.

On top of that I've found that my sewing machine will not be cost worthy to repair but I'll need to purchase a new one, and that needs to be budgeted for January. I'm a bit sad as I really liked my machine but an upgrade could be good.  Sadly, my plans for a graduation gift for my brother is now on hold. 

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