Monday, March 31, 2014

Home Sweet Home.

We're all moved in. By moved in I mean, overrun by boxes. Lots and lots of boxes. Not to mention sore muscles. The dogs are slowly adjusting to absolutely no carpet - can you imagine carrying a 33lb corgi, and a 60lb collie up two flights of slippery stairs? The third dog, our newly adopted fella, has no issues and loving it. I just open the door and he does some running around and I can call him back in. The other two are just too unpredictable for unsupervised outing time. There is a lot of space but I realized something upon moving in - we have a lot of junk.

Today is my birthday, so I'm looking forward to having a great meal with my boys and a giant cookie.

And can you believe that delivery persons don't come to the front door - I mean it's red!?


  1. Ok, I just typed a comment and hit publish and I'm not sure what happened there so this is a test comment to see if I did something wrong...

    1. This is the only one I got...and I'm finally answering a month later - oops. :)

  2. Happy belated birthday! Your house and the view is gorgeous, wow!! I'd love to see pics of the inside, although I'm sure you still have a lot of moving in to do.

    Things have been going well with baby...just haven't made the time to blog since her birth! Hopefully an update with some pictures soon, and maybe a short birth story account, although it was quite ordinary :)


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