Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Weekly Dinner Menu Plan $47.00

This week I've planned four meals for under $50.00 but I did have a few things on hand from previous trips. I am aiming for a grocery budget of $350 a month and I think that's reasonable for all food spending. Mostly my husband eats left overs so this is really for a mom on a low-carb and semi low-fat diet and a nearly 3 year old with food allergies and sensitivities. I purchased more things than what's on the list but just shopping for meals this is what I got.

This week I shopped at Wal-Mart since I had some coupons through Ibotta.

1. Sailsbury Steak with Gravy from Skinny Taste (1/2 recipe)
      with mashed potatoes and peas

  • 1.5lb of extra lean ground sirloin from The Fresh Market for $6.49per lb, $9.99
  •  dried breadcrumbs (I have Panko and a gluten-free breadcrumb on hand)
  • 2 cups beef broth (one container of Swanson's contains 4 cups so this can be used for   multiple meals if you work it right.) $1.98
  • tomato paste (on hand, whenever I find Muir Glen Organic's on sale 3/$4 I stock up and swap out something else on my list)
  • mustard powder ( there was no small so I had to buy the big one) $3.38
  • canned peas ($.98)
  • bag of potatoes (on hand)
  • onions (on hand)

2. Cooking Light Chicken Tetrazzini (1/2 recipe) with broccoli

  • 5oz linguini (you can only buy the larger sizes so I got the box of Smart Taste) $1.28
  • 1 1/4 cup chicken stock $2.68 (will use remaining in a following recipe)
  • 12 oz low-fat evaporated milk $1.28
  • 1 1/4 cup grated parm-reggiano $3.72 (Fresh Market)
  • .5oz 1/3 less fat cream cheese $2.38
  • dry white wine (bought cooking wine, had on hand) 
  • .75lb chicken breast $1.57 (bought a pound that I will split with a following recipe, on special for $2.99 at Fresh Market)
  • breadcrumbs (on hand)
  • frozen broccoli (on hand)

3. One pan chicken bowl (Pinterest)

  • 1lb chicken breast $3.47
  • diced tomatoes (on hand)
  • rice ($2.50 for Uncle Ben's Pouches)
  • 15 oz black beans (on sale at Fresh Market $1.99)
  • chili powder $2.37
  • 2.5 cups low-sodium chicken broth $1.98
  • 2 cups colby jack cheese (on hand)


4. Chicken Fried Rice by Skinny Mom (Pinterest)

  • 2 cups reduced sodium chicken stock (from Tetrazzini recipe)
  • 3/4lb chicken ($1.57 from the other part of the Tetrazzini chicken I bought)
  • Sesame Oil (on hand)
  • rice ( from one pan chicken bowl)
  • reduced sodium soy sauce (on hand)
  • canned peas $.98
  • carrots (I forgot!)

So all this cost me about $47.00 with taxes. 

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