Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The next quilt....

Does anyone else think about the next quilting pattern before they've completed the one they're currently working on? I am already there. Maybe since this pattern has been difficult as I kind of made it up as I went since I lost the original pattern. It's ended up as a 65x65 so more a lap quilt than the original king size I was going for, for my rather tall brother. But with the fabric issue (crap fabric = not getting the same shade each time and thus making me insane), and my less than ideal cutting skills this will be the largest quilt I've ever completed. It also helps that it won't cost quite so much to have it quilted which is great news since I've still got to buy batting, binding and the backing fabric.

Next Spring we are hoping to buy a new mattress, a king size, so I'm contemplating a king size in a 12x12 beginner pattern in my favorite colors - blues, greens, turquoise. I found this on Pinterest and I think it really identifies the colors I have in my bedroom already.

My bedroom is a lighter shade of grey than the one above but my drapes are almost the color of the third teal color. So this is a rough comparison. I can't find the original image I pinned. Boo. I hate when that happens. I'm a little nervous about fabric hunting and I'd prefer a charm pack or jelly roll for this but I can't find one in these colors - anyone else out there have a similar problem? Or maybe can direct me to something?

I'm not sure if this is still available, but I think these would work beautifully since I don't have any patterns in our room, the drapes are just a solid color.

The "Framed Pinwheel," is a beginner pattern although it is an 8x8. My cutting skills are pretty wack so the triangles may lead to tears. But I keep coming back to this pattern. 

On Monday I received a call from my cabinet maker and installer that he wanted to get pictures of my cabinets to feature on his website(!!), I'm gonna be famous. I'm not quite ready for that. ;-) So onto the cleaning!

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