Friday, June 21, 2013

Choosing a Quilt Size

After reading the Inspector Armond Gamache series by Louise Penny(I strongly urge you to listen to the audiobook!) I have been inspired again, friends. My mind is constantly racing with thoughts needing to be put to paper. I am simply loving it. Generally I get stuck after a few things but I feel like after two years of nothing, something is finally coming. During my pregnancy I had planned to write, after all I had the time. Pre-eclampsia came along and stole that from me, and although I did have a lovely pregnancy (until the third trimester) and enjoyed it (and often find myself thinking about becoming pregnant again; thinking!) I was just hanging on for those last three months with no energy for anything while I baked. I basically lived on the couch, thankful that I had no other littles to chase after because I was concerned for the babe's safety as well as my own and thinking about another, yeesh! Thankfully the Lord knows what we can handle. (Can I get an amen?)

My little mister is as busy as ever. Not yet walking but I am in no rush. Today he is 14 months old. It's hard to believe in a year that so much has changed. I catch myself, almost nightly, studying him as he sleeps. Thinking about where we came from - difficult delivery, postpartum depression and healing,  lots of sleepless nights, SVT diagnosis, and finally settling into our own rhythm. The last few days have found him so loud and talkative I'm wondering if actual words will be happening soon. Still hesitant to take his first steps, if you try to "walk" with him, he'll just sit down. Not quite confident enough but as curious as ever.

My main reason for this post was to share a quilt that I am working on for a family member. I've changed a few things around (with math, oh boy, and confirmed by the husband) so it's now safe to share with others I think. Also, a few resources for me to keep on hand, shall I need it for further use.

I found a few links that were quite helpful in determining sizes of quilts. I think each site is a little bit different so you have to do what essentially looks best with what you've got as a design.

The back will be a chevron of similar colors, via here.

Quilt Sizes - Ruth McCormick
Idiots Guide - Calculating Fabric Amounts

I'll be beginning this in July! I can't wait to tackle it. I'm excited and nervous at the same time. Once I have completed the top and bottom I will actually be having the quilt, quilted by a professional since I don't have the space to do it properly and I want it to look amazing. Both are skills I haven't yet mastered.

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