Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A little budget update.

A little update on my $75.00 grocery budget.

sacrifice: an act of giving up something valued for the sake of something else regarded as more important or worthy.

I've learned that if I want to slowly build up my stockpile (again) I will need to sacrifice some of my wants for my grocery week. This week's shopping trip I found my favorite marinara sauce at buy one get one free, a deal I couldn't pass up since one jar is $5.08. Seriously, what a great deal! Also, butter was on sale for I believe $3.48 at buy one get one as well. (We shop at Ingles and I've come to find that most of these deals are not listed in their weekly store ad so I've decided that it would be most beneficial to go to the store with the weekly ad and see what's on sale before I actually go shopping. This is usually a short trip as the boy gets mighty cranky when the shopping cart isn't moving.) I also write down the prices of things in a price book and therefore know what I am going to spend. I am trying to rid us of BPA in cans, tomatoes are notorious for containing BPA therefore I buy those organic and in a BPA free can by Muir Glen Organics and those are about $2.00 a can, but I am willing to make that sacrifice to be healthy over all.

Our plan for a $75.00 grocery budget will be raised to $90.00 for three in October, this with watching ingredients due to the food allergies.  Those extra $15.00 are going to be amazing I think and shopping weekly has definitely saved us some major money and it doesn't stress me out that I have to plan for two weeks or one month at a time. I use to be so overwhelmed at that and could never come up with a plan. This way if we happen to have left overs I can use those to stretch into the following week and thus will have built up more of a stock pile. It's really all about sacrafice.

For other household items we still had some before our trip but honestly I use vinegar for cleaning everything. As much as those pretty colored bottles and new items entice me, I step away and remember I can make these for pennies and not only that they are far safer for me and my family to breathe. Since the boy has multiple food allergies I am often extra cautious but I think that's probably common. I don't often try new products in detergent, although I am very tempted, and his shampoo is kept the same or to a secondary one I know that works and is cheaper. We are pretty much running on a no-spending budget. Just food purchases and anything else comes out of a $100.00 back up I have.  That money is for whatever I deem necessary - diapers, wipes, little treats out, dog nail trim (that happened today), post office, etc.

Like I said, sacrifices. It's hard. I've broken down a few times over it and thankfully my husband is always there to pick me up. I have a list of household things I want to buy and sometimes those nag at me and then I say a quick prayer not to be tempted by the "things," and to keep my focus on other things, like donating more to our sponsored children or giving more for the boy's college fund,  Christmas, etc. These things will come, it just takes time. We are not entitled to them by any means and I have to often remind myself of that. It seems easier for men or maybe it's just my husband. He's so self-less and self-sacrificing. 

We have some things coming up that are going to cost us and I think it's best to remember that these small sacrifices are paying off for something larger.  Once those things are paid for then we can loosen the reins a little bit, but not too much. It's so easy to end up where you were.  I'm sure others share my struggles too, don't you?

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