Wednesday, August 14, 2013

My ZigZag or Chevron Quilt

I've come to a conclusion: triangles are the devil. I can't, for the life of me, cut one without destroying it. Is it my blade? My uncoordinated attempts to be quick with cutting? The set up? A pesky dog sitting at my feet hiding from an ever growing boy. So with that, out the window went my original designs. In a way. I managed to find a chevron or "zigzag" quilt with  no triangles. Hallelujah. Sweet victory. However, the design is no longer available. It just poof; disappeared. I've searched for the exact directions again but I still haven't been able to find them even on another blog, they just link back to the missing origional design. I remember writing the size of the blocks and how it was pieced so I'm doing most of it from memory.

There is another way to cut the fabric that makes it more efficient but seriously that's just not my way. I prefer to do the tedious work of individually cutting them - it keeps me measuring and when I want to "guess," it always always always ends in me having a piranha plant.

My measurements are for the entire block, 5.5 inches. So that means individually the pieces are 3x 5 1/2 inch rectangles that sew together in the center to make a square with a quarter inch (1/4) seam. Then I put them together on an angle. The size I want to make is very large and the original design wasn't as big as mine. So I am still figuring how many blocks I'll need to reach my goal size: 108x 96. The original size included a 2 inch border all around but now I'm thinking it will just take away from the entirety of the effect of a chevron. So, I think I'll scrap that.

Here is how it's going so far. This picture was a few days ago so I've managed to make it to the 4th row which is where you sew together eight (8) blocks. Each row, I've found, is based on two blocks. I started counting by twos and right now I only have enough to reach 8 rows. That's where I am now. I go back and forth between creating squares and sewing half the quilt. The back half will be a bit more complex of a design in theory but not really complicated to put together - I hope. Famous last words, right?

I do see the mistake in the layout - a friend pointed it out!  
This will actually be professionally quilted but I'm making the front and back.

Here's to more quilting.

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