Saturday, May 25, 2013

A little update.

Last weekend we visited a local festival for flowers, albeit we arrived a bit late and ended up catching a-storm prompting our immediate retreat! Before we had to leave I came across a local goat soap maker. I stumbled upon this tent with soaps, lotions, and essential oils. I purchased a few things and had a flyer included in my bag. Once I got in the car and waiting on the torrential pour down inducing traffic to subside, I opened up the bag to look at the flyer. This place offered the share of a goat! I was a little more excited about this than I anticipated and perhaps the husband too. The flyer also said that they were soon to offer field trips, cheese making demonstrations as well as milking tips! Pehaps my wish for sheep may be turned into goats, since you don't have to sheer those.

On occasion I get an idea for what would make something a great post but then I open my computer and chubby little hands and fingers find my easily accessible computer and practically destroy it. How do others find a moment to blog with these creepers around? Perhaps you're thinking that I should set him down with some toys in a little spot. Oh how sweet would that be. Update folks, it doesn't work like that when you have a little kola that hangs off you like a deliciously green eucalyptus tree. In fact the husband proposed that be our Halloween costume for this year. This is my distraction. It's pretty awesome regardless.

 I attempted my first Paleo bread this week with a few modifications since I didn't have all the products on hand. It was a little, dense.

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  1. Haha, I love your description of your little guy. Mine is not good for long stretches but he will play independently for 15 minutes or so if I set him up...and he loves his jolly jumper! I manage to write sometimes when he's jumping away :) Your boy is getting so big!


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