Friday, January 31, 2014


The tiles have been picked, the paint colors chosen, and today we met with the (custom!) cabinet maker. I never imagined I'd have a fancy house full of custom built cabinets, vanity and a desk. I asked to raise the top cabinets to the ceiling, totaling 42 inches tall with crown moulding at the top. In the future I have plans to add the moulding to the entire house but that will take some savings.  I also asked to raise the floor cabinets to 40 inches tall rather than the standard 36 inches but that 4 inches would cause me to shell out more money to pay for the electrician to re-do his boxes to a higher height, thus removing the sheetrock already in place and that's extra money I'd rather not spend. The addition to the cabinets did cost me a little bit over budget and our new appliances ( we found a deal for a 4 piece at our local H.H. Greg that we'll be purchasing sometime next week)

1.) Bauble Blue, 2.) Collonade Gray, 3.) Concord Buff, 4.) First Star 5.) Dovetail 6.) Sea Salt 7.) Wool Skein 8.) Florim Durango Silver 12x24 Porcelain Tile 9.)Dorian FTI 311 3x6 and 10.) CC Porcelain 2x2 black

Now that I see my bathroom floor tile (Durango Silver), wall tile (Dorian), and the shower floor tile (Black) I am questioning it. But I'm going for it. The walls will be white. My ultimate goal is something like this:

Contemporary Bathroom by Mamaroneck General Contractors Murphy Brothers Contracting

I'm really looking forward to sharing my future decorating endeavors and seeing what happens with small town second hand and vintage shopping combined with a relatively tight budget.  

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