Wednesday, May 1, 2013

No grains is my new game.

I often struggle with what to post. I feel like there are times when I don't want to say certain things but then I do. Honestly I really don't know what this blog is about. Just a place to share my thoughts I suppose.

Last week the monthly started up again after nearly two years of absence - hello pregnancy and breast feeding although in my case it was pumping. It honestly freaked me out.  There are days when I am absolutely happy to want another child and other days I'm scared out of my mind. I had a fabulous first two trimesters of pregnancy. The last trimester I was very very ill and didn't really know it. Now I know it.

Over the last month I'd guess I have been gluten-free. It's honestly not been all that difficult, there are some great gluten-free products out there that taste "normal." I decided to go gluten-free due to the fact that I exhibit some of the symptoms of a gluten sensitivity with mostly bloating. I'm talking severe bloating here. As in my weight ranges anywhere from 190-196. Yep, that's right at least 6lbs of bloating. So I figured that diary may be the culprit but after about a month of no dairy, no real change happened. Nothing that "stuck" so to speak. Again sleep alludes me so I've been thinking and researching more things and now I'm thinking of just skipping grains all together. Yeah it's harder because I don't really care for too much vegetables and in fact I end up drinking most of my 2 1/2 recommended cups in a smoothie. Which could be too much sugar because I add lots of fruit and a little coconut milk. (Not too much because of the saturated fats).

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